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In light of the issues surrounding YouTube censoring Pro-Gun Videos, we have created the channel below on BitChute and we are working on a page on FULL30.

Here is an article from The Blaze explaining this new anti-gun position of YouTube. 

Chris Cox, head of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action, said in a statement:

"YouTube is now in the business of political posturing and censorship. Millions of Americans watch YouTube videos every day to learn more about the safe and responsible use of firearms, and those videos show law-abiding gun owners participating in lawful behavior. By banning this content, YouTube is engaging in politically motivated censorship and alienating the millions of people who turn to the website for education and training. Currently, anyone can go to YouTube and watch a video to learn how to make a bomb, yet the company wants to ban videos depicting lawful gun use? It’s absurd."

Below is an example of some of the wicked fun content on our video site! 

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