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Frequently Asked Questions:


Question:  How does Flat Rate Shipping Work?

Answer:  Place the ammo or accessories in your cart and at check out it will show you the flat rates to ship the items you are about to purchase!  

Black Butterfly Ammo ships from multiple warehouses and had strong relationships with other distributors and manufactures. To offer the best pricing possible to our customers we have negotiated flat rate shipping of $9.99 for ammo major ammunition companies that are not shipped from our Greenville, SC warehouse. So, if you buy ammo made by any major company the cost to ship your order is $9.99.

This is excludes case sizes of 1000 rounds or more of imported ammunition which is shipped seperately from our Greenville, SC Warehouse.

We also have Flat Rate Shipping on all Black Butterfly Ammunition manufactured products which we make on site.

The flat fee to ship Black Butterfly Ammunition products is $14.99 from our Greenville, SC location.

Bulk Imports

Finally, we also have flat rate shipping on all imported cases of 1,000 rounds or greater of $39.99. This includes FREE insurance to value which you do not need to buy seperately.

Half cases of 500 rounds of Bulk Imports ship for $24.99.  

Since this might be a little confusing the first time, we made several examples so show you how to maximize flat rate shipping! 

Ex. I purchased one (100) count box of Black Butterfly Ammo (Shipping $14.99). If I double the quantities, the cost to ship is still $14.99. If you triple it, the same shipping fee applies and so on. Basically, buy more stuff you buy it continues to get cheaper to ship it. 

Ex. I purchased one magazine for my AR15 (Shipping $9.99). If I double the quantities, the cost to ship is still $9.99. If you triple it, the same shipping fee applies and so on. Basically, buy more stuff and it continues to get cheaper to ship it! 

Ex. I purchased one (100) count box of Black Butterfly Ammo (Shipping $14.99). I then add one box of Remington Ammo ($9.99) and one magazine ($9.99). The total cost to ship these items is $34.97. If I double the quantities, the cost to ship is $34.97. If you triple it, the same shipping fee applies and so on. Basically, buy more stuff and it continues to get cheaper to ship it! 

Ex. I don't own any of the calibers that Black Butterfly Ammunition currently makes but I need more ammo and mags!  I purchased 15 boxes of Remington ammo and three mags. The total cost to ship these is $9.99 for the ammo and $9.99 for the mags which equates to $19.98. If I double the quantities, the shipping cost remains the same. If I triple the quantities, it remains the same and so on. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets!

So, the best way to maximize your shipping costs is to buy a lot of stuff at once and pay the maximum flat rate fee of $34.97! (*Excluding firearms which is an additional fee) or to buy one type of product at once.

General Questions

Based on real questions and emails we get! Enjoy!

Question:   What is the average ship time?

Answer:      Typically, 3-5 business days. However, due to the Covid Virus, riots, cities on fire, gun battles between protestors and it being an election year where gun rights are up for grabs, we have been a true retailer. This means we make your order if it is not already made. If you are in a rush, shoot us an email before you order so we can give you an expected ETA on you order. Please be nice and remember, we are working as hard as we can to make ammo and fill orders as fast as we can.

Question:     What is a business day?

Answer:        Monday through Friday. Even though we work most weekends. UPS and FED EX does not pick up. 

Question:    If I can order something, is it in stock?

Answer:      Yes! We are a manufacturer and if you can order any Black Butterfly Ammunition products, they are either ready to ship in production or the components are in transit ready to load. We run 6 days a week and run something different each day. We also have daily and weekly deliveries of components. But keep in mind we open products up for sale based on shipments of components. If they get delayed because some crazy mob decided to burn a city down, we might experience a delay. Please keep that in mind.

Question:     I need ballistic information on a specific projectile to adjust my scope, can you provide that?

Answer:        No. We do not manufacturer any projectiles. This information is provided by the projectile manufacturer. In most cases, you can go to their site and or email them for this information. 

If you want calculate bullet drop out our of your specific rifle, we recommend you input all of the specific information in Hornady’s free calculator by CLICKING HERE

Question:       I live in NYS and heard from a friend I can have ammo shipped directly to my house and or I have had ammo shipped to my house in the past. Can you ship it directly to me and if I don't like the answer should I send you a nasty response back?

Answer:         We ship to NYS and Ammo Permits daily. Even though NYS struck down the background checks for ammo purchases, they still require you to utilize an FFL or an Ammo Permit Holder to receive the ammo and hand it to you. We are not going to argue the law with you. If you do not believe us, Google "NYS SAFE ACT OFFICE" and call them directly. If they tell you it is ok, have them send you an email confirming this in writing and we will be happy to ship it to you directly provided you send us a copy of this written confirmation. 

Question:       I live in CA, CT, IL or MA, can you ship to me?

Answer:     Yes, but you have to follow your home state's whacky rules. 

                       CA-Must be shipped to an FFL holder. 

                       CT-Can be shipped directly to you but you must send us your pistol permit. 

                       IL-Can be shipped directly to you but you must send us your FOID and Driver's License.

                       MA-Must be shipped to an FFL.

Question:  If I live in AK or HI and I try to ship an order without using a freight forwarder and therefore violate ground shipping regulations should I be mad when additional shipping fees are charged to my card and/or my order is cancelled?

Answer:   No. If we are billed fees due to you not following State or Federal Laws or ground shipping regulations, we are going to charge your credit card for these fees. We are not in the business of incurring extra fees because people try to break the rules.

Question:      I decided that I'm going to start reloading. Can I get load data on the rounds you load so I can make them at home? If you say no, should I send you a wicked mean response?

Answer:         Sorry, we do not. Similar to companies like KFC and Coke, we do not give our secret recipes. So please don't send us a nasty email when we say no. Our business is making ammo and we do not give out our trade secrets for obvious reasons. However, we do appreciate the compliment that you want to duplicate our hard work! 

Question:     I want to preorder/backorder ammo, and I don’t care how long it might take, how do I do that. 

Answer:       We will be happy in most cases to do this for you. We need you to email us first with the details of what you want purchase and once we verify it is a load that we will have in the fairly near future you can then use this link  CLICK HERE to make a $1 deposit, plus the $14.99 flat rate shipping. This way you are added to our shipping queue and we can manually create an order for you.

We will then bill your card on file the remainder of amount once all of the components have arrived on-site and are in production. If you choose to do this, please make the following pledge:

 “I will not call every-other day to find out when my special backorder is going to ship. I realize that Black Butterfly is excited to take my full payment as soon as humanly possible and will reach out to me when they as soon as they are running production on my backordered item.

Question:    I ordered something on the night before a national holiday or on a national holiday and I have not heard anything on my order so I'm starting to panic. I know it's holiday but I don't care. I didn't read the terms and conditions or the FAQS Answered but that doesn't matter. I've decided that I should start calling your office. I called multiple times during this night and nobody picked up so I then sent multiple emails.  Even though almost every other company is closed, you guys are open right?  If I keep calling I can I expect your office to open to answer my question right? Should I start sending threatening emails or start making threats of calling my credit card company to stop the charge if I don't get a call back? Will making threats like this make you immediately respond to me?

Answer:        If you do this, we are going to cancel your order and block you from any future orders.

For some reason, every holiday we get at least one person who does this. Step away from you computer and or smart phone and go find something to do like spend time with your family or friends and or make some new ones.   

Question:     Last year I ordered something I can no longer find on your site. Did you discontinue it?

Answer:        We have not discontinued any of our products. If you cannot see it, it's not in stock, in production and or in transit to us.  

Question:    I received my tracking number, but my order tracking number is not live?

Answer:       Due to our remote location and the fact UPS will no longer scan orders at pick up, it typically takes 24 hours for the tracking number to go live. If it doesn't go live within 24 hours, please shoot us an email and we can check on our end. 

Question:      I live in SC and would like to swing by and say hello or pick up an order. 

Answer:        Don't do this! We have a remote facility that is not set up for customers. If you show up, you will scare our staff and they will call the police and or cause them to pull their weapons on you. For a variety of reasons, first and foremost security of our staff, we do not allow visits or pick-ups at this time. 

Question:     I placed an order and I have a question. Should I post that question on a random forum, random chat room, random Facebook group or other non-owned social media group and expect an immediate response?

Answer:        Believe it or not, this happens constantly. If you have a question, shoot us an email with your order number and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are very active in social media, but our office manager is not. If you have a question on your order, shoot us an email so she can get you an answer.

Question:    I placed an order on Friday night and today is Monday, should I start sending you nasty emails complaining that it’s been four days about when my order is going to ship? You guys work 24/7, 365, right?

Answer:      Believe it or not, this happens constantly. Please be advised if you do this, we will cancel your order and block you from any future sales. Don’t be that guy! If you have a question about your order, simply shoot us an email and we will give you an ETA as soon as possible.  We are working as hard as possible to manufacturer ammo and ship orders. Remember, be nice!

Question:    I ordered something from your site and from another non-owned site and the other product I ordered already arrived. Does it make sense for me to send you an extremely rude and nasty email telling you about my recent orders with other companies and how fast I received them?

Answer:     Unfortunately, this happens. We are not Amazon or some multi-million-dollar company with hundreds of staff. We are a small family run manufacturing company that has a lot of pride in our product and we take the time needed to make it properly. Sending us an email like this does nothing to help your order. In fact, this is like comparing an apple to a banana. If you think about doing this, push away from that keyboard think about how this makes you look before you hit send. Also, consider how your wife or mother would feel if she worked for us and read that email. We want to help you so be nice.

Question:       I got an ETA from you yesterday, should I start calling you and emailing you again today for an update?

Answer:         Again, believe it or not, this happens constantly. Please limit your updates to one per week. We know you are very excited to get your ammo, but every time stop what we are doing to answer your call or email that slows down your order. 

Question:      I'm former or active military and or law enforcement. Do you offer a discount?

Answer:         Thanks for your service! Unfortunately, we do not offer such a discount because it would apply to most of our customers. Instead, we offer great ammo at a great price to everyone.

Question:     My hunting season starts in two days. If I place an order today, can I have that order shipped immediately via next day or two-day service to get it in time?

Answer:       Sorry, you cannot. Ammo has to ship via UPS or Fed Ex ground. That is a Federal DOT guideline and we have no control over that. 

Question:     I think flat rate shipping for one box of ammo is way too expensive. Should I send you an email and yell at you?

Answer:      Believe it not, this happens too! Shipping ammo is expensive due to the weight. We realize this which is why we offer flat rate shipping. Typically, it doesn’t make sense to order one box of ammo and most people don't do this. Please read our tips on how to maximize shipping above. The more you ship the cheaper your ammo gets.

Question:    I ordered ammo from your site and used someone else’s name and or address because of a reason that is not your busines. I didn’t bother to read your terms and conditions or the FAQS or even my own credit card terms and conditions to see if that would be approved prior to ordering or insured if stolen off that porch. Today I got an email cancelling my order or advising me that you are shipping it to my billing address which is in a different state. This makes me mad because I shouldn’t have to read terms and conditions because nobody does that. My next step is to send you guys threatening emails stating that I am going to ruin your company on social media because rules don’t apply to me. Is this a good course of action and smart?

Answer:   No! Don’t be this guy. Basically, we don’t need snarky or a mean-spirited email and or threats. In the event we discover your attempts to smear our company, we will add a searchable page to our website with your information. This page will provide our version of what happened via a timeline of events, which can be found by your friends, employers, potential mates, etc.

Instead of trying to deal with this following you around forever, just relax and create an account on My Choice via UPS and update your preferred shipping address once the tracking number goes live. This is between you and them and not us.

If we cancelled it, you wasted a ton of our time and that’s not free. In addition, ordering ammo under an alias or through someone else is considered a “Straw Purchase” and is illegal. In the event we discover this, we will be happy to also pass along your information to local law enforcement and ATF to see if they can figure your reasons in person as this is a great indicator for criminal activity.

And for the rocket scientists who want to argue this  doesn't apply to ammunition:

18 USC 922 (a)It Shall be unlawful-

(6) for any person in connection with the acquisition or attempted acquisition of any firearm or ammunition from a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer, or licensed collector, knowingly to make any false or fictitious oral or written statement or to furnish or exhibit any false, fictitious, or misrepresented identification, intended or likely to deceive such importer, manufacturer, dealer, or collector with respect to any fact material to the lawfulness of the sale or other disposition of such firearm or ammunition under the provisions of this chapter.

The complete law can be found under:


Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 44, Section 922 18 U.S.C. § 922 : US Code – Section 922: Unlawful acts

Again, just do the right thing and follow the rules as we will be happy to try to work with you to get you the order.  

Question:    I own a retail store or a website and would like to carry Black Butterfly Ammunition. How do I go about contacting your dealer program?

Answer:       You sure can! In fact, we encourage it. However, we do enforce MAP pricing to protect our dealers and distributors investments. 

You can join our dealer program emailing us at 

Question:   I bought the D500 or D600 which comes in 500 or 600 grain projectiles and noticed the tips are not uniform like my other lead projectiles.  If I don't know anything about ammo, reloading, the .458 SOCOM caliber, Hawk Bullets, lead alloys verses pure lead, or the year of development you guys put into making a 500-600 grain projectile for this caliber, or the fact you have sold tens of thousands of these since they came out, should I email you that my ammo is bad, call it "shitty" and then call your staff "tweakers"?   Will it help if also threaten to ruin your company on social media because I'm a special ops keyboard commando super hero all knowing gun and ammo expert?

Answer:      You can, but you will get banned and lose you ability to buy our ammo. Instead, we recommend you read the paragraphs below and email us like a normal human being if you have any other questions. Remember, we have a zero tolerance policy and you will get banned for acting like a fool.

Unlike most projectiles used in the .458 SOCOM, these projectiles are made specifically for the .458 SOCOM and subsonic hunting applications. This means that copper jacket is softened to allow for easier tip expansion and the lead used is almost pure, without metal alloys added to make it harder. This is purposely done to allow for increased expansion on contact with large animals at close range.

When you get your ammo, you may notice the tips are not uniform. Don’t panic, it is totally normal for the tip of this projectile to have some sort of distortion and or deformed hollow point from batch to batch. The reason for this is that they are made with extremely pure lead which is very soft. Even dropping them on the ground or lightly tapping them will deform the tip. The process of pressing in the hollow point, seating the bullets, sorting, packaging and shipping them sometimes distorts the soft lead tips.

This has absolutely ZERO effect whatsoever on the operation of the round, accuracy or ballistic coefficient.

This round is not designed to be pretty. It’s designed to drop the energy of 600 grains of lead into an animal’s head or shoulder at approximately 1000 FPS.     

Question:      I decided wanted to change my shipping address after my order went into transit because I'm not going to be home so I sent it to my work address. Instead of asking you guys, I waited until it was in transit and called UPS myself. That's cool right?

Answer:        Yeah, that's cool. When UPS charges us the $18.00 fee to do this, we will bill it to your credit card on file. Next, time call us before it ships to advoid this additional shipping charge. That's not our rule, that's UPS's rule.

Question:     I'm having a problem with my firearm and Black Butterfly Ammunition. What should I do?

Answer:       Please visit Black Butterfly Ammunition's Manufacturing Support Portal by "CLICKING HERE!"

If that doesn’t answer your question, shoot us an email describing the problem and include and or the ammunition.