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If you are an owner of and/or a sales representative for any small to midsize ammunition manufacturer or shooting related products company, looking for a national platform to market your product, please contact us today. In an effort to combat this national lack of inventory, we would like to add some new competition to the marketplace. We are specifically looking to partner with any small start up to midsize ammunition manufacturer, that have tested and approved product pipeline. We would like to add your products to our inventory and help you to expand your product offering to a national audience. Please email us today with your contact information and our owner Nick will contact you ASAP to discuss setting up a new relationship with BangItAmmo.com


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We CAN sell ammo to the following states, but they each have special rules and regulations we must follow. If you fail to comply with the state regulations, your order will be cancelled and a 25% fee will be automatically applied. Please contact us if you have any questions before you make your purchase. We are selling into these states under a policy of zero tolerance. DO NOT order ammo if you cannot comply. We welcome your discussion on the matter, just email us. If the law has changed or has been updated please let us know.

  • Connecticut: See this file.
  • New York: See this file.
  • New Jersey: See this file.
  • Massachusetts: See this file.
  • Illinois: See this file.
  • Alaska: See this file.

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